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Sarah G.

Before Core Revolution: I graduated with a degree in Educational Psychology from Miami University, taught as a special educator, decided to follow my love for fitness and health, and began teaching boutique fitness classes in Chicago. I’ve been on the mic, leading to the beat & supporting others in reaching their goals ever since!

Why Core Revolution?: My goal in life is to have a positive impact on my community. My ultimate passion lies in helping others, giving back and creating a healthier world with more balance, love and fun. My mission in creating Core Revolution is all about making that possible. I can’t wait to help you create the strongest and happiest YOU.

When I’m not in the studio: You can find me with my husband, two goldendoodles, Wrigley & Eloise and our family & friends. Walking my baby bump around town, dining at all our fabulous local restaurants and frequenting lululemon Old Woodward.

Guilty Pleasure: Sometimes, you just need chocolate.